Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Day 24- A letter to your parents

Hey Guys, I was too lazy to write my own letter so I copy and pasted a poem from the internet instead. The poem is written by Jennifer J. Bailey. You can find the poem here

The love of parents is everlasting.

They tried so hard to make us see,
We never listened, we only wanted to be free.
They gave us the tools to build our life,
We broke all the rules with our own strife.
The more thy tried to raise us the best,
The easier it was to be just like the rest.
No greater love has ever been,
We will need our parents, again and again.


Sharon said...

oh this is a very sweet poem likey

Planet Koda said...

blog looks great!!!

check mine out,
drop some comments,
tell me what you think (: (:

Fashion-rocks said...

Sharon- I thought the same too. I was too lazy to write a letter. So I just got a poem from the internet.

Planet Koda-Thank you. I checked out your blog, I am looking forward to your upcoming posts :)

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