Friday, 26 April 2013

Birthday Post: FOTD

Hi bloggers,

This post is really late but I wanted to share with you all, my make-up on my birthday.

I used neutral colours on my eyes, mac foundation and pink lippy.

Do you support neutral eye shadows and wear it daily?

Thank you for reading

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Alexandra Burke Lip Boom

Hi lovelies,

Today I brought Alexandra Burke's lipstick in burgundy. It came with a glittery lipgloss that you can apply on top of the lipstick. 

The lipstick is perfect and it does give you full lips as it says on the packet. I do recommend it. It is also affordable too.

                                                                       Price: £3.99

Will you be supporting dark lips this winter?

Thanks for reading,

Sunday, 14 April 2013

NOTD: stripes

Hello bloggers,

I removed my acrylic nails and again I am back to weak brittle nails. So I decided to paint them. I chose a stripe pattern of pink, white and lilac. It was hard to do as I never had a thin brush so I apologise if it looks messy.

I hope you like the design,

Thank you for reading :)

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

NOTD-Stripes and floral pattern

Hey bloggers,

I got so bored of my nails today and I started browsing the internet for different nail designs and I saw that floral and stripes were popular so I tried it out. I am in love with the design. I definitely want to try this design again but I will use pink instead of lilac.

Has anyone painted their nails in stripes or floral print?

Thank you for reading :)

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

College OOTD

Hi bloggers,

I decided to take a quick snap of my casual outfit before going to college. It is funny how I manage to find time to take pictures, even when I am running late for school.
I wore tons of layers. I am wearing a gold star jumper with a denim jacket and my leather jacket. I am also wearing purple tights underneath my denim shorts which are paired with my new wedge trainers.

What do you wear to you keep yourself warm in chilly weather?
Do you wear tons of layers?

Thank you for reading :)

Monday, 1 April 2013

Leather sleeves trench coat

Hi bloggers,

After seeing Lucy on Eastenders with a trench leather coat...I wanted one! I went into town and I did not leave town until I had a leather sleeve trench coat.

Lucy from Eastenders.

I went into Primark and they never had my size. I was so upset because I fell in love with Primark's leather sleeved coat. It even had a hood which made me want the coat even more because I would be able to wear it when it is raining and of course, it will protect my hair from getting wet. Also Primark coats were cheap and they were only £25. 

So sadly, I went into another 500 shops, trying to find a leather sleeved coat. Once my mind is stuck on something...I have to have it! I really wanted to wear it the next day. I went into River Island...the coat was so expensive :o. It was over £100...I was not spending that much. So I went into New Look and I didn't really like their version of the coat.

In the end I went into Quiz and I found the trench coat on sale for £19.99. This was the cheapest one I found and it had my size... I had to buy it! :D

I absolutely love this jacket. It is so stylish and I feel so chic wearing it. I cannot wait to wear it in spring too!

Price: £19.99
Coat: Quiz

What do you think of my new jacket?

Thank you for reading

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