Sunday, 29 January 2017

I'm Wearing the Silky Touch Irresistible Me Hair Extensions!

Hey bloggers,

Here is the post that you have all been waiting for. 

"Drum roll please!"

This was my first time wearing hair extensions. To begin with, I washed and conditioned the hair extensions and I straightened my transition hair which was very difficult as I have a lot of natural hair growth and it was very difficult to get my hair straight as it reverted back to its natural state. In the picture below you will clearly see major difference of my hair textures as my ends tend to be straighter.

I would be intrigued to try these hair extensions again with my hair permed straight as I believe it would it would blend perfectly.

These hair extensions were so easy to apply. They were also silky soft and really transformed my look. I looked as though I was going out somewhere fancy just by applying these extensions.

Before                                                                    After
I decided to do a half up and half down hairstyle because my hair would not lay flat once it reverted back. It is impossible for my hair to get straight without perming it. However considering the texture difference-I still think I did well with trying to blend the hair extensions.

I had fun clipping these clip-ins onto my hair. For the first few seconds it felt heavy but afterwards I did not feel the clips on my hair.

View the pictures below of my mini photoshoot. I took so many selfies as I loved how the silky touch hair extensions looked on me.

I am so addicted to taking pictures on snapchat. View the pictures below:

What do you think of my hairstyle with clip in extensions?

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

View below, a video of me wearing the hair extensions:

Fall Lookbook 2016

Hey guys,

I did a really fun lookbook for youtube back in Autumn 2016- which I will include at the end of this post. I also took some pictures as I wanted to share the outfits with you all. View the pictures below:

Look 1:

My parka coat which I brought from H&M a long while back is my favourite staple piece for the Autumn. I paired it with my new pom hat from Primark and my ripped jeans from Topshop.

This is my favourite outfit as I love wearing my cropped jumper with ripped knee jeans.
Parka: H&M
Turtle crop top: Missguided
Jeans: Topshop
Boots: Dorothy Perkins

Look 2:

Look 3:

Jumper: Miss Selfridge
Leather trousers: Topshop
Boots: Dorothy Perkins

I hope you all enjoyed this post.   

Which look was your favourite?

View my fall lookbook video below:

Here are a few pictures from my snapchat:

Saturday, 28 January 2017

I Got Box Braids Again

Hey bloggers,

Apologies again! This is another late post that I have been desperate to share with you all. In December 2016-I finally got box braids again. I know, I know... I was so excited too. This time I decided not to add any special colour and just went for black box braids. I was really unsure on how they would turn out but guess what-I loved them. For some reason they look as though they are my hair.

I really loved how they turned out. I vamped them up with purple lips and bold eyes.

What do you think of this style on me?

Friday, 27 January 2017

Miss Selfridge Autumn Haul

Hey bloggers,

I am sorry that this post is so late but this is my autumn haul from 2016. Some of the items may now be at a reduced price or may have sold out.

Scroll down below to view the haul:




As you can see, I was really loving leotards during autumn. Which item was your favourite?

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions Review

Hey bloggers,

I am so excited to do this product review on my blog as I have always wanted to experience wearing hair extensions. Throughout my childhood, I had only wore extensions that you braid into your hair (box braids) but I had never wore weave/clip in extensions.

Back in November, I was contacted by 'Irresistible Me' to do a collaboration on their 'silky touch' hair extensions. The team was helpful on guiding me to choose the right clip in hair extensions. I was given a variety of colours and lengths to choose from. My parcel arrived quickly and I received it in mid-December.

The hair extensions arrived in this cute box. I was so excited to open it. It felt like Christmas had arrived early :)

Inside the box was this cute message. It was sweet to read this :)

The hair extensions come inside this packaging and were neatly wrapped up.

The company provides you with a tester in the small pouch which allows you to see if the colour will match your hair or if you are happy with the product. However, the hair extensions in the bigger pouch are sealed for hygienic purposes- just in case the hair needs to be returned. Overall, I am pleased that the hair extensions arrived sealed and neatly wrapped.

Once I took the hair extensions out of the packaging. I was so pleased with how soft the hair texture was. I am so excited to wear these extensions. I ordered 1B  Natural black in the human hair. I felt that this hair colour would be closest to my natural hair as my hair colour is not jet black. However if you do have jet black hair, it would be best to order jet black. 

Natural black 1B has brown undertones and the hair is really silky and soft. I feel as though this hair would blend naturally with my hair once I have straightened my hair as my hair is naturally coarse. The extensions arrived in 1 pc of 4 clips, 2 pcs of 3 clips, 5 pcs of 2 clips and 2 pcs of 1 clip. The hair is 20 inches long and the weight is 200g. My hair is thin once it has been straightened so I may not need to use all of the hair. However this will depend upon how much volume I will want to add to my hair and what style I will be wearing.

For your first order you can get 20% off which is a good deal as the hair extensions starts from $89. The cost varies depending upon the length and weight of the hair.

Please stay tuned for a future post of me wearing the hair extensions.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

View my first impressions video on the 'Irresistible Me' hair extensions below:

Friday, 6 January 2017

Teal Blue OOTD

Hey bloggers,

I feel as though I do not do enough OOTD posts. So here is one for you all. This was during autumn last year and it was still warm in the UK. 

I found a cute way of wearing ankle boots during fall when it is a little chilly outside. I paired the ankle boots with the denim shorts and it gave my outfit a cute feel.

What do you think of my outfit?

Day 7 in Greece (My Last Day)

Hey bloggers,

This was my last day in Greece and I was so sad. I had to check out of the hotel at 12pm but my coach was arriving around 3 am the next day. So you can imagine, I had to leave my suitcase in reception and walk around Greece to pass time.

This meant I had to use my last spending's on food to keep my energy up and to prepare for a long journey ahead. In the day, I spoke with lots of people and walked on the beach. I had the chance to see some beautiful scenery which I had never seen before. I will attach a video of this at the end of the post but for now, view the pictures below:

Overall, it was a wonderful trip.A few things I learnt is that I like to be adventurous and in life, I need to stop fearing a lot of things and just enjoy life!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my holiday in Greece. Thank you for visiting!

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