Friday, 30 August 2013

Metallic Silver Skirt

Hi bloggers,

I purchased a new skirt today. It is a tiger print in black and silver metallic. I totally love it and it is nicely fitted. I am not quite sure what I will wear with this skirt but I am happy I found it.


Thank you for reading :)

OOTD: Leavers Party

Dear bloggers,

Here is an outfit of the day. I wore this to a leavers party. I kept my outfit simple and wore my diy studded bralet and leather leggings.

It was a nice night and I caught up with my friends which was the highlight of the night. I did not want the night to end.
What do you think of my outfit?

Thank you for reading

Thursday, 29 August 2013

DIY Studded Bralet & Accessories

Hi bloggers,

Here is another diy. I think I am getting more creative as the days go by. I was inspired by a studded cut out swimsuit I brought. I decided to put studs on my bralet as I found it was plain. I purchased this bralet from boohoo and I had to hem the straps as they were way too long. But now I regret buying this top as it does not look as great as it did when I first brought it.

So I decided to jazz it up with studs. What do you think?

Below is hair clips I purchased from H&M. These are great if you want to brighten up your hair when you pin it back. I totally love them. They are both neon colours but the colour does not show up well in the picture below.

Thank you for reading :)

New Swimwear

Hi bloggers,

This post is just to show you all the swimwear I have brought during the last 2 months for the summer. I thought it would be easier to blog about them all together, rather than in separate posts.

These topshop bikini pants are my favourite as I have a lot of bikini tops which have no matching bikini pants. So, hopefully these topshop pants will match almost every bikini top I own.  I think I need to stop buying bikini tops on their own and buy the matching bottoms to save all this hassle.

Topshop/£10, Size 8

These remind me of Jessie J's pants in the wild music video.
[image from google images]

This bikini is gorgeous, it looks amazing on. It is metallic silver with a snake print. I got this bikini on the sale in ASDA and it was a great buy. However, the sizes do come out rather small. I wish I got a size 14 in the top now but I was in a hurry when I brought it.
ASDA/ £6

This gorgeous cut out swimsuit below is another one of my favourite buys. I had been searching everywhere for a cut out swimsuit to show my hips. But most of those swimsuits were over priced but I managed to find this one at Select for a cheaper price. I was lucky enough to get this swimsuit as it was the last one they had in stock. It is very sexy and I totally love it. I am so happy to finally have a swimsuit like this.

I hope this post inspires you on what swimwear to buy for summer. I know it is not always easy to find exactly what you want but keep shopping and I am sure you will find something better than what you was hoping for.

Thank you reading and visiting my blog :)

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Happy Belated Birthday To Me

Hey bloggers,

This is a late post as my birthday was weeks ago. I had a great time and I will always remember it. I am 22 and I partied to Taylor Swift's song which will be posted below.

I related to this song because it sings about being '22' and I screamed the lyrics out and danced :D I loved it. This song will always remind me of my 22nd birthday.

 I did not take enough pictures but I did take these  two pictures whilst getting ready.
Thank you for reading :)

Monday, 26 August 2013

Peacocks Haul

Hi bloggers,

I did not have a good day today. It is disappointing when you plan day out and it does not go the way you expected. So guess what I did to cheer myself up...I went shopping. I guess I suffer from retail therapy.

I treated myself to a new handbag and a new ring.

I love the print on this handbag.

This ring is so pretty. I will wear it on special occasions with a nice dress.

Thank you for reading :)

Roll On Baby!

Hi Bloggers,

I finally purchased some roller skates after saying I wanted roller skates a few months ago. I really like them as they are white with pink wheels. They are super fast also and I went whizzing in my house, holding onto furniture when I couldn't stop skating.

I used to skate as a kid and I found it easy back then but putting on my skates again after so many years was really difficult. However, once I was outside, I managed to get hang of it and before I knew it, I was skating again. But I was not a pro at using my brakes. View the pictures below to skate with me:

My little sister got her  skates also and rode in her Minnie mouse roller skates. How cute, I wish I could get Minnie mouse roller skates in my size.

I had to hold onto the lamppost to stop.

Collar necklace: Forever 21.
Crop vest: Primark.
Shorts: Matalan.

Thank you for reading :)

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Hi bloggers,

I went out last night and danced the night away on the dance floor. I had a great time and found a dancing partner and we shared dance moves with each other.

It was a nice break away from boredom and stress.

I wore my lipsy leopard print dress and paired them with my strappy heels. I did not take many pictures but you can view my pictures below.

Thank you for reading :)

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Another Meeting With A Friend

Hi bloggers,

Today has been another fun, adventurous day and the weather has been perfect. I love hot weather.

I started my day by going to the hairdressers and had my hair curled and trimmed. I absolutely love how it turned out. Then after the hairdressers, I met up with my friend. He treated me to a smoothie. I rarely go to restaurants so it was a treat.

This was so yummy!

Me standing on a platform, wanting to be the centre piece of the shopping centre.

Sending my kisses to everyone.

I am wearing a bag which I mentioned in one of my old posts, click here.

I love the back of my top.

I hope you enjoyed my mini photo shoot and what do you think of my hair?

Thank you all for visiting my blog.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Primark Haul

Hi bloggers,

I went shopping and brought 2 crop tops in primark. I brought a polo neck top and a string vest which I love. I cannot wait to wear the string vest in the summer with my shorts.

White crop top//£2.50

Black string vest//£4.00

Thanks for reading :)

Meeting with a friend + OOTD

Hi bloggers,

Today I caught up with an old friend of mine and it was such a beautiful day. I really did not know what to wear so I kept my outfit simple and wore a boob tube with shorts. I really enjoyed myself. It was full of laughter. We managed to get free ice cream and visited an art museum where we took lots of fun pictures. Then we ended the day watching 'Monsters University' at the cinema's.

The movie was brilliant and I loved it, I am such a big kid. View the pictures below to see my 'outfit of the day'.

We made quotes. My quote was 'cry, see, hear'. Oh I am very emotional.

Sorry for the poor quality of this picture.

Thank you for reading

Sunday, 18 August 2013

And She Is Too Hot For The Sun

Hi bloggers,

Today is another hot day in England and I decided to enjoy the weather again and take some really fun pictures in my back garden. I wore my pink bikini, denim shorts, my diy belly chain and my strappy heels.

I was certainly ready for the camera.
Lights, Camera, Action!
Enjoy my pictures below.

My serious look on my face again!

Posing on the tree. This is my favourite picture!

How is the weather where you are right now?  Do you like the hot weather?

Thank you for reading

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Summertime In My Back Garden

Hi bloggers,

It's another hot day again and I cannot handle it. I prefer it when the temperature is just warm with nice cool breeze.

However, I spent my lunch time outside in the sun. I ate Jamaican patty and it was heaven. Enjoy the pictures below.

It is important to drink water in the sun.
Decided to take a picture with the tree.

I kept my outfit simple. A skirt, a boob tube and a flower in my hair.

Thanks for reading.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Leavers Night

Hi bloggers,

There is a huge heat wave in England and I had a leavers party to attend. I did not know what to wear so I got advice from my mom and she suggested that I wear the dress below, so I did. I kept my make-up simple and I wore coral orange lips with neutral eyes and fake lashes.

I wore a floral print boob tube dress and said goodbye to everyone. I really enjoyed this night, I will never forget it.

Thank you for reading

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