Thursday, 29 August 2013

New Swimwear

Hi bloggers,

This post is just to show you all the swimwear I have brought during the last 2 months for the summer. I thought it would be easier to blog about them all together, rather than in separate posts.

These topshop bikini pants are my favourite as I have a lot of bikini tops which have no matching bikini pants. So, hopefully these topshop pants will match almost every bikini top I own.  I think I need to stop buying bikini tops on their own and buy the matching bottoms to save all this hassle.

Topshop/£10, Size 8

These remind me of Jessie J's pants in the wild music video.
[image from google images]

This bikini is gorgeous, it looks amazing on. It is metallic silver with a snake print. I got this bikini on the sale in ASDA and it was a great buy. However, the sizes do come out rather small. I wish I got a size 14 in the top now but I was in a hurry when I brought it.
ASDA/ £6

This gorgeous cut out swimsuit below is another one of my favourite buys. I had been searching everywhere for a cut out swimsuit to show my hips. But most of those swimsuits were over priced but I managed to find this one at Select for a cheaper price. I was lucky enough to get this swimsuit as it was the last one they had in stock. It is very sexy and I totally love it. I am so happy to finally have a swimsuit like this.

I hope this post inspires you on what swimwear to buy for summer. I know it is not always easy to find exactly what you want but keep shopping and I am sure you will find something better than what you was hoping for.

Thank you reading and visiting my blog :)

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