Saturday, 30 December 2017

Summary Post-At The Skate Park-(Day 5 in Gran Canaria)

Hi bloggers,

Welcome to another sunny post! Me and my brother took a trip to a skater park. Enjoy the pictures below:

Summary Post-Day 4 in Gran Canaria

Hi bloggers,

Before I arrived to Gran Canaria, I treated myself to the MAC designer blue. I just needed to get my hands onto a blue lipstick! Scroll down below to see me wearing the blue lippy!

Let me know in the comments section below what you think of my blue lipstick.

Summary Post- Day 3 in Gran Canaria

Hi bloggers,

On day 4, we went to Aqua Park but I didn't capture any pictures as I was too busy on the water slides.

Once we got back, I ordered myself a nice alcoholic smoothie and a cocktail for the other.

Summary Post-Night 3 in Gran Canaria

Hi bloggers,

Me and my family went out to visit the town and I managed to capture some pictures of my outfit for that night. Scroll down below:

Summary post-Day 2 in Gran Canaria

Hey bloggers,

Today we visited one of the beaches in Gran Canaria. View the pictures below:

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