Sunday, 17 November 2013

Turkey Photo Diary- Day 2 (Nighttime Outfit)

Hi bloggers,

For my first night in Turkey, I wore my bralet and a side slit maxi skirt which was perfect for a long stroll near the beach.

The town was so beautiful at night, as everywhere was lit up beautifully, so many people were out. There were also many restaurants to choose from and overall, it was a nice vibe.

I took a few pictures before leaving my hotel. I was also happy to finally wear this skirt at last as it was too long when I brought it. So I specially hemmed the bottom of this skirt  to be worn in Turkey. I certainly will wear this skirt more often.

Enjoy the pictures below:

I love how the wind was blowing my hair and skirt in this picture.

Whilst walking through the town, my family found a Manchester United restaurant and we spend the rest of the night there. As you can see I am sipping on orange juice below and sitting on a Manchester united chair. It was so cool.

I found a romantic place to sit near the beach. Perfect place for two lovers to sit.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Thank you for reading

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