Monday, 14 April 2014

Mid-Rings Post

Hi bloggers,

Today I went shopping to Primark for some mid-rings to jazz up my manicures. I fell in love with their mid rings and could not help but buy 3 packs of rings which were all £1.50 each. I think it was a good price. I totally love these rings
I do apologise about my photography, I could have taken a better picture but I only realised once the pictures were uploaded to my pc.

This picture below is of me wearing a few of the mid-rings. The only thing I dislike about the mid-rings is that they never stay on your fingers. You have to constantly push the rings back into place so they don't slip off your fingers. The rings do look nice but they are a nightmare to stay in place.

Do you own any mid-rings? If yes, where did you purchase them? If no, are you considering buying some rings?

Thanks for reading


Katie said...

Thanks for stopping by on my blog!

I've been looking for some midi-rings for a while! But like you said, I feel like they're quite difficult to keep on!


Sharice said...

Those rings are amazing! <3

Tanya said...

@Katie: Maybe it's just my fingers but they were difficult to stay on and I end up taking them off just so I don't lose them.

@Sharice: Thank you :)

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