Saturday, 29 January 2011

I was almost happy! Inspiration Post

Hey this is an inspiration picture post.

 "Money cannot buy happiness or health". -Quote by Me.
(All pictures are from google)
Live a healthy life and smile till you cannot smile anymore.
Your health must come first!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

OIOTD-Outfit Inspiration Of The Day

Hey bloggers, I created this set a while back and I must admit, I am totally in love with it. I love the heels, earrings, clutch and most of all the jumpsuit! I wish I could wear this outfit. I would love to get my hands on all of these items.

Saturday, 15 January 2011


Hey bloggers, All this week I have been rehearsing for my dance show, now that it is over...I can finally relax and sleep better! My character was a good and bad twin so I decided to spilt my body in half and do half evil face to portray this. I did not want to over do it because I wanted the audience to focus more on my movement rather than my face.

Here are the make-up pictures below:

 Me and my friend.

Monday, 10 January 2011


Hey bloggers, as requested, this is a picture of me wearing the Barry M Lip Paint in #54 Peach. Is it me or does it look pink in the picture? It was more of peachy colour when I applied it but the camera does not capture the actual colour. However I paired this lipstick with baby blue eyeshadow.

Hey, I finally managed to get my hands on a avitor jacket. I got mine for £25 in ASDA. Cheaper than the other jackets in the inspiration post. If you missed out on that post, click here to read it.I am in love with the jacket. I always wanted one. They are really warm too but however they are really tight fitted so you cannot wear a chunky jumper underneath.

Jacket: ASDA
Skirt: Moms Wardrobe
Boots: Sports direct.

NOTD-Orange mad!

Hey bloggers, I decided to do a double post today. Lately I am obsessed with the colour orange, I think it is gorgeous! I used a nail polish from a make-up box set I had last year. I had to apply 2 coats and still the polish was still thin but it is such a lovely colour. I think I will wear it in summer time!

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Barry M Lip Paint in #54 Peach

Hey, I brought this peach lip paint today. It is such a beautiful color and surprisingly suits me. It comes out the colour expected. You do not need to keep applying to get the colour you want. However the more or less you apply depends on the colour you want to achieve. It glides on very easily but does not last throughout the day. It did not moisturise my lips either but I am still in love with the colour and I am looking forward to wearing it for my next 'OOTD'.  It is definetly worth trying.

Name: Barry M Lip Paint in #54 Peach
Brand: Barry M
From: Superdrug
Price: £4.49

I was almost happy!

Hey bloggers, it has been 2 years since I have drawn. I used to love drawing. I could draw for hours and I would never get bored of it but once I started studying dance...I quit art. I love seeing sketches of fashion on blogs and it made me think, I used to love art why not do a post? so I drew a picture yesterday. I tried to be creative with the text in the background. It is about a lady who has fallen in love with a guy and it ends in tears. I could write an essay about this picture below but if you want to know more about the drawings in the background and why I drew them. leave a comment and I am more than welcome to answer them.

The thing I love about art is there is no right or wrong answer how you draw a picture. You can go wild with it.

Any bloggers out there love art?

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Rapunzel,Rapunzel: Let down your long hair!

"Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair,
 so that I may climb the golden stair."

The princess who let her hair down so she could be rescued. I am sure everyone remembers this tale. What are your views on long hair? Yay or Nay?

(All images from google)

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Winter Inspiration Post

Time for the hat and gloves! Make sure you wrap up warm this winter. Are you stuck on how to look stylish in the snow? Here are some pictures to help you out. Enjoy!

(All images are from tumblr)

Happy 2011!! :)
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