Sunday, 31 October 2010

SOTM-Usher has my vote this time!

Song of the Month:Usher-DJ got us falling in love again

Hey, to be honest I am not a fan of Usher but this time I cannot help but love this song. When it came on in the club I just had to dance. 

I selected the video with the song lyrics so you can sing-a-long if you want to.Enjoy the song!

What is your favorite Usher song?

Friday, 29 October 2010

Alessandra Ambrosio Never Enough in Vogue October 2010

Model: Alessandra Ambrosio
Stylist: Anna Dello Russo
Hair: Franco Gobbi
Makeup: Jessica Nesdza
Photographer: Giampaolo

Love her incredible style in this photoshoot.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

OOTD-Friend Birthday

I went out Friday night for my friend's birthday. We went clubbing and danced the night away. Sadly enough I woke up with an injured foot. The heels I wore were too high but looked great with my outfit. My theme was black and gold.

Outfit of the Day
Toilet picture-Disgusting I know. I do not know what I was thinking at the time, taking a picture with a view of the toilet in the background. Anyway I like this picture because it is showing my outfit.

All the items I wore were from Next, except for the blazer-it was from Peacocks.

Updates-NOTD-Plus more.

Hey, I did not think I would have time to blog for now but I am only doing this post because I have injured my foot from dancing in heels Friday night. So now I have to sit down all day to rest my foot because I cannot put any weight on it. I am upset because I cannot rehearse for my contemporary dance all this week or keep in shape. I really cannot afford to miss any dance rehearsals as it means I will be left behind.

Now that this has happened, there is so many things I wished I had done in the past few days, for example-exercised more.

Anyway, I went shopping a few days back for a phone case for my blackberry because I did not see any that I liked on amazon. So I had a look in the market and saw a gem case that said 'sexy' on the back. It was £5, not worth it but I am really fussy when it comes to gems. It had to be silver and this one was perfect!

I know the quality of the pictures is not the best but the case does look stunning in real life.

I also painted my nails as well. I had no choice as I was going somewhere nice, I could not keep the chipped nail varnish on. I only just got round to taking a picture of them now so they are not as nice when I first painted them.  It is a simple design. Blue nails with a silver diagonal thick line.

I wish I had more time to work on this blog, reply to everyones comments, and follow blogs. I am trying my best to do those things but so little time. Thank you to my new followers who have joined my blog. I really appreciate it!

Monday, 18 October 2010

Hair Inspiration post & OOTD

Hair Inspiration

(image from google images)

After wearing my hair in a bun, nearly everyday for ballet. I have grown more and more to like it. You can have a high or a low bun, add an hair accessory to it for an special occasion. You can do so much with a bun.

I saw the picture above and loved how she had a braid around her bun. I thought it looked pretty and would be ideal if you are going to an event or evan getting married.

In order to achieve a similar bun. i used a braided headband from New Look.

Outfit of The Day
 Here I am wearing my skinny cargo pants from ASDA, I brought them 2 sizes bigger so they would hang baggy on me and I wore peacock earrings to match.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Sequin Love

I am totally obsessed with sequins right now. I gathered together some images from google of celebrities sparking in sequins. I hope you like the pictures.

Can I just remind everyone that I am still in the process of replying to comments and visiting everyones blogs. I find it so hard to keep up as I am busy with my studies.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

OOTD-Vintage Inspired.

Yesterday I went to the theatre to watch Blaze. It was amazing. That was the first time I went to watch street dance at a theatre. I will certainly watch another one in the future. I really enjoyed it. It made me want to get up on stage and start crumping. I probably would of made a fool of myself but hey you live life once, why not enjoy it?

Anyway this is the outfit I wore. I could not find anything else to wear. I had very little time to get ready and I was still trying to find something to wear. I wanted to find something that would complement the white flower in my hair. I picked out a long black dress.I have never worn it before and I thought this might be my only opportunity to wear it because I might not get the chance again.

Dress: Dorothy Perkins

The detail of the back of my cropped jacket. It says 'angel'

Thank you for taking time out to read my blog. I hope you all are enjoying your weekend.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Saturday, 2 October 2010

You either love it or you hate it

Hey guys, I had such a long day today. I met up with my best friend who I  have not seen for a long time because of the long distance relationship we had but now she has moved closer to me now. So we had a catch-up day today and it was great.

I did smokey eyes and for once it turned out great. I used silver, brown and black tones to create the smokey eye. I could not wait to share it with you guys so I took lots of pictures. I hope you like them.

Face Of The Day

Outfit of The Day

I decided to have a purple day today. I really miss blogging but I will continue to take pictures and when I have spare time I will post them.

Leggings- the market

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