Saturday, 14 September 2013

Turkey Photo Diary-Day 1

Hello bloggers,

I apologise for being away for so long. I went on holiday to Turkey for 1 week and I had an amazing time with my family. I went to Marmaris and I really loved it. I want to go back.

Everyday, I will try to post my daily outfits that I wore in Turkey. I will also show you the beauty of Turkey with the scenery pictures I took.


Outfit 1
This is what I wore to the airport.

Hope you enjoyed my pictures. Thank you for reading.

Sunday, 1 September 2013


Hiya bloggers,

I finally went back to the professionals to get my nails done. I wanted to get stiletto nails as I have been wanting my nails like that again but never had the patience to file them into that shape.

I paid £20 for the acrylics and did not get them painted at the nail salon as I would of had to pay extra for the nails to be painted. I actually like them plain as they look like my real nails.

I really loved them and I could not stop looking at them and I did not want to paint them.

I started with Barry M white polish as the base. I know I have painted on my skin too. I am not very neat at painting nails.

I waited for the white polish to dry, then I added leopard print to the nails.

What do you think? Do you like my nail design?

Thank you for reading

Celebrating Mothers Birthday

Hello lovelies,

I went out for a meal for my mom's birthday. I seriously could not stop laughing the whole night as you can tell from the pictures. The meal was very filling and I could not finish it all in one go. I finished the night with a sweet drink and went home with a full stomach.

I wish I could repeat this night again because I had a wonderful time.

My new motto for this year, 'Make the most of what you have and enjoy life in every way you can'.

I do apologise for the quality of the pictures as the lighting was not very good but indoors was so beautiful and I was greeted by lovely staff.

Thank you for reading and I hope my smile makes you smile too.

Princess Cupcakes

Hi bloggers,

Over the summer I have been learning to cook. I know I have started late but I need to stop being negative on myself and telling myself that I cannot cook when I can.

However, my little sister who is a little princess wanted to make princess cupcakes. My mom usually makes cakes with her but instead I jumped at the opportunity and put my practice to the test.

I really enjoyed making them. They turned out better than I thought.

I ate this one.

The snow white cupcake was my favourite.

What do you think?

Thank you for reading.
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