Friday, 12 June 2009

Sparkle in these sequin leggings!

I want these leggings so much but I do not want to buy online. I think I will wait until they hit the UK stores. I know they have been in fashion for years but I totally love them. what do you think, are these leggings hot or not?

Thursday, 4 June 2009

I'm still in love with him!

Hey everyone,
Don't you think it's weird that you meet new people everyday and you never stop to think, Are they happy? Are they having problems in their life? Have they ever been heartbroken? Are they still hurting? Do they believe in love?
This is what I believe makes everyone special because everyone has been hurt in the past or could be hurting now, or may get hurt in the future.
Of course, those that have met me once, twice or lucky enough...a million times! would never guess what I have been through because once I smile, it makes everyone believe that I am okay.
To be honest, Theres a guy I once was good friends with and he meant alot to that we don't talk anymore and went our seperate ways, I feel like I've lost a part of me and it's almost like his took away my happiness. I somtimes look up to the sky and wonder if anyone in heaven may be looking down at me thinking,I know how you feel because I was in the same situation.

I think it is love and at the moment I am trying to be my own hero, I am taking it a step at a time and once I be able to accept the fact that he has gone,hopefully I'll be able to look at other guys and not have him on my mind. I wonder if any of you have been in a similar sitaution? I find myself trying to dress up now that I am missing him evan though I know he won't be able to see me looking my best but to cheer myself up. I brought some new items!!! :)

Claire's accessories A picture of me wearing the earrings from Claire's accessories from the picture above.

Gladiator Sandals from New Look

Now to finish off the look, I painted my nails gold too :) I guess gold is going to be my favourite colour this summer :)

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