Monday, 19 April 2010

Acrylic nails

Hey Bloggers!,
Sorry I have not updated my blog in a long while! I have been stuck up to my neck in assignments and been busy attending so many rehearsals for my upcoming assessment. So right now, it is hard to find time to blog but I will try my best to keep updating my blog, when I have the chance.

Anyway during my busy schedule, I neglected my nails and they were weak and dry. I did not know what to do, So the only option was to get my nails done in acrylic as they were in a terrible state. The top layer kept peeling and they were very weak. I tried everything, i.e- Sally hansen nail strengthener, vaseline,almond oil but nothing seemed to work for me. So I just gave up and had them done at a nail salon instead.

I'm proud of the way they look, they are the perfect size and they really make my fingers look longer.

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