Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Blog Haul Part 1

Hi bloggers,

Here is another blog haul. I guess I have a shopping addiction but I cannot stop shopping. This is a late post so this is the items I have purchased last year during September-October, so some of these items might be in sale or might have sold out. Scroll down to see what I brought!


Crop top: £3.99

This top looks so cute on. I cannot wait to wear this top with my denim shorts in the summer.

'You make me melt' candle: £2

I am disappointed with this candle as you cannot smell the fragrance of this candle when it is being burnt. I think I will stick with Primark candles.

Off the shoulder blouse:£12

This blouse is gorgeous on. The only problem I have is that it is very sheer so I have to wear a top underneath it.


I brought this sleeveless turtleneck top for work when I want to rock the formal look. These will look great with my grey formal trousers.

Ribbed cropped cami: 2 for £10

These crop tops are cute for the summer. On the down side, the material is very thick so I think that they would be perfect to wear in the cold, English summer.

Ear cuff: £18

This ear cuff is beautiful on. It is very bold and it stands out. It is now on sale for £4. However it is a shame there are 2 ear cuffs because you cannot wear both at the same time. 

Crochet halter neck top: £15

I brought this top to wear with my cream crochet shorts in Jamaica. However I did not wear them as I was not feeling the outfit in the Caribbean. However I am sure that I can wear this outfit in England during Spring. 


Hair bow: £2.50

I have been searching everywhere for a hair bow that would catch my eye. All the bows I would see were either too big or too small but this bow was just right and it is made of lace which is perfect as it would go very well with my black lace dress.

Bangle: £4

Ring: £3.50

I love this ring and bangle as a jewellery set- it will sure bling up my outfits on holiday.

Miss Selfridge

Turtle neck crop top: £8.40

I really love crop turtle necks in the winter. I can wear them with high waisted jeans and feel sexy in the winter. I had to purchase this top as I am obsessed with the colour burgundy this season.

Choker: £3

I saw this choker on Miss Selfridge sale and I just had to buy it. It looks really nice on.

Stripe drape blouse: £35

I love this blouse, my mother also loved it too so I just had to buy it. I can wear this during spring time and look stylish with my black skinny jeans and heels.

Lace up top: £16

I brought this top to wear at the airport as it will be cold when I am arriving back to England. I wanted to wear something stylish and in trend so I went for this long sleeve ribbed top. I really love the lace up trend and it is flattering on me and as you can see, I love the colour burgundy.

Body con dress: £12

I have this dress in khaki. It fits perfect on my body and I could not resit but to buy it in the red.


Chunky heeled sandals: £6 (Sale)

I have been crushing on chunky heeled sandals for a long time and I finally found some in Primark on sale. I was so glad to find these. However, I still have not had a chance to wear these sandals. Hopefully, I will wear them this summer.

Dungarees: £2

I found these dungarees in Primark for only £2.  I just had to buy it. I really cannot to wear this in the summer.

T-shirt: £5

I saw this t-shirt in Primark and I just to buy it. It says 'Gym is my new boyfriend'. I love wearing it as everyone tells me that I do not go to the gym. This top is lovely to wear with leggings and with the hoody below.

Hoody: £8

I love this hoody. It is perfect to wear if you want to be comfy and stylish. It is also a decent price.

American flag shorts (on the left): £1                Denim shorts (on the right): £5

I brought these shorts for Jamaica. Shopping for summer wear in autumn is tricky as most of the summer wear has sold out but I was lucky enough to find these shorts in Primark. They are perfect to wear at the beach!

Teeth floss: 50p

I purchased these teeth floss at Primark but I have still not got round to using them yet. If you do want a review on them. Let me know in the comments section below.

Necklace: £2

I brought this simple, delicate necklace for my simple outfits.

Dorothy Perkins

Mink Belle boots: £25

These boots are so comfortable and trendy. I receive a lot of compliments on them.

Blouse: £18

Blouse: £18

I needed a white blouse for everyday wear but I also needed a blouse in black too. So I purchased two in both colours. I love wearing these blouses to work as they make me feel professional in the workplace.


Cropped turtle neck top: £8 

I brought this top back in January last year but I forgot to blog about it. So here it is. I love this jumper. Keep checking back for an 'outfit of the day'.

River Island
Body chain: £2 (sale)

Sandals: £18 (sale)

I brought both the body chain and sandals for my holiday in Jamaica. I wanted some cute sandals to wear in the evening time and I needed a body chain to jazz up my outfits.

Warren James
Love Swarovski necklace: £12

Ring: £9

I officially admit to being a shopaholic. I went into Warren James with my Mother and we were in a long queue and then I decided to shop and had to buy the necklace and ring for holiday. I cannot stop shopping.
Body Care
Glitter liner: £1.99 each

Duo eyeliner: £1.19

These eye liners line my eyes with great definition.

Goody hairbrush: £2.45

My Mother recommended this hairbrush so I had to buy it.

Deep moisturising Foot Pack (I forgot the price- it was maybe around £1.99)

I put this on my feet and it was very cold and moisturising.

MAC Candy Yum Yum: £20
MAC Instigator: £20

 The candy yum yum was a late birthday present to myself. I thought that this pink lipstick would look stunning with my tropical playsuit on holiday and I purchased the instigator for the winter because I thought that the dark purple lips would look great with my dip dye ends.


Jeans: £10

I brought these jeans on the ASDA sale. I am so glad that I found these jeans because I have been wanting loose ripped jeans for the longest time. However, because I am short, I cannot wear jeans with a lots of rips as it makes me look even shorter so I opted for these jeans instead and rolled them up at the bottom for a cropped look.

Cocoa radiant spray: 1/2 price (I forgot how much it was)

Hey I brought this spray from Boots. I completely forgot how much I paid for it but may I say that I am in love with this spray. It is very moisturising and I will buy it every time it is on offer. I prefer this one to the dry skin repair spray.

I went shopping in lush for more bath bombs. Scroll down below to see what I brought.

Twilight bath bomb: £3.50                        Big blue bath bomb: £3.50

I hope you enjoyed this post. I am sorry that it is so late but I am trying my hardest to update my blog on my days off.

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