Thursday, 23 June 2011

Who said you cannot practice on Barbie's hair?

Barbie HOTD
Hey, my little baby sister had the new Barbie Rapunzel head doll today. Seeing her do lots of different hairstyles with her hair took me back to my younger days. I remember doing braids, cainrows, curling my doll's hair when I was younger, it was such fun and I wanted to do another doll's hair again. So I did and this time I did the high bun on Barbie's hair. She looked very fashionable and to finish the look, I added her tiara.

  The side view.

 I tried my best to twist the hair around and used a few hair pins.

The front view-Barbie looks ready to go and party!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

OOTD-50th Birthday Celebration

Hey bloggers,

Here is an 'Outfit of the day' post as promised. My Godmother 50th Birthday was yesterday and I attended her party in a crop black demin jacket, floral dress, black clutch and ankle boots.
I wonder if you remember these boots from one of my old posts. I finally wore them for the very first time. Click here to read the old post.
Denim jacket: Old jacket from my wardrobe.
Dress: Peacocks.
Clutch: New Look.
Boots: Next

Here is a close up shot of my make-up.
I am wearing my new lashes in this picture. I was wearing the eylure lashes from superdrug. Click here to see the post on the lashes I am wearing in the photo.

Boots Haul

I went shopping yesterday and brought these 3 nail polishes at Boots. I had a great deal 3 for £5. I am really in love with the neon pink nail polish and I cannot wait to try it on my nails. I will have to wait till my acrylics grow out.

Nail update: New nail polish & acrylics

Hey bloggers,

My mom surprised me and brought me a new polish from boots. She knows how obsessed I am with nail varnishes. I fell in love straight away with this colour. I have been obsessing with this colour for a while now and I could not wait to try it on.
N07 polish stay perfect nail colour pigment rich colour in Mojo #230.

Acrylic Nails

After getting my nails done by a professional last year in acrylics, my nails were damaged and I was not happy with the manicure. This left me not wanting to get my nails done by anyone. Anyway, I discovered one of my friends does her own nails in acrylics and brought her own set. They looked great so I wanted to try it to. I brought my nail set from Argos and it came with an instruction DVD and the whole nail kit.

I will be honest, I found it difficult to do because I have never applied nail extensions before. Also, if I had a chance to the nails again, I would of applied more glue. The end finger (pinky finger) turned out the best. I just wished I had applied enough glue to the rest of the nails so they would of blended better.

As you can see, the pinky finger was blended well.

 Once the nails dried completely. I applied the 'N07 polish stay perfect nail colour pigment rich colour in Mojo #230' to the acrylics.

I applied the nail polish onto the nail very thickly because the nail polish was very thin with just one coat. I
know your not supposed to do this but I always do it anyway.

For the end result, I applied some glitter to the tips of the nails just to give it a little sparkle. I did not like it when the nails were too plain with just one colour. I also found it so hard to type on my phone, pick up small objects because I am not used to having nails this long but I suppose I will get used to it. I am kind of scared they might snap off if I use them as a tool.

Do you wear long nails? What are your experiences with them? Have you ever applied nail extensions on yourself?

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Superdrug and Matalan Haul

Hello lovelies,
There is a reason why I have not been blogging much since I have been on vaction. To be honest, I had gotten used to the routine of studying that I had lost interest in blogging. I find myself more addicted to tumblr but I will try to blog on here whenever I can.

Anyway back to the post, today I have decided to do a shopping haul post to show everyone what I had brought. I needed some new summer clothes and a new nail polish and false lashes.

I have not included my summer clothes to this post as I will be doing 'OOTD' in those clothes in upcoming posts so that should be exciting.

I have been obsessing over false lashes for years, I only ever had one pair in my life. False lashes are not something I would wear all the time, only for special occasions. But I felt I needed a new pair of lashes because my lashes are looking short again so I am going to have to apply vaseline to them every night and in the mean time, stick on some lashes to make them look longer.

In the picture below, you will see the first pair of lashes are from Superdrug and the other 2, I got from Matalan. I really like the eyelashes in the middle as they have silver gems on them. The last lashes have gold glitter across them which is very cute. The nail polish however is from superdrug and I think this colour is just gorgeous. It is a nice peachy,tropical colour. Oh yes, I can hear summer calling me.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Pink Lipstick

Hey, I can never get enough of pink lipsticks. I just enjoy seeing pink lipsticks online and want every shade of pink. So I went shopping today and thought I'd treat myself to a pink lippy.

Laval, Pink illusion #75

I was not sure weather to buy this lipstick because I thought it would be the same shade as the pink lipstick I already own but I brought it anyway because I love pink lipstick.

The lipstick however came out brighter than I expected, exactly the same shade in the picture above. I am happy I brought this lipstick because it brightens up my face and I do not own a lipstick in this shade.

Thanks for reading bloggers.
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