Sunday, 19 June 2011

Nail update: New nail polish & acrylics

Hey bloggers,

My mom surprised me and brought me a new polish from boots. She knows how obsessed I am with nail varnishes. I fell in love straight away with this colour. I have been obsessing with this colour for a while now and I could not wait to try it on.
N07 polish stay perfect nail colour pigment rich colour in Mojo #230.

Acrylic Nails

After getting my nails done by a professional last year in acrylics, my nails were damaged and I was not happy with the manicure. This left me not wanting to get my nails done by anyone. Anyway, I discovered one of my friends does her own nails in acrylics and brought her own set. They looked great so I wanted to try it to. I brought my nail set from Argos and it came with an instruction DVD and the whole nail kit.

I will be honest, I found it difficult to do because I have never applied nail extensions before. Also, if I had a chance to the nails again, I would of applied more glue. The end finger (pinky finger) turned out the best. I just wished I had applied enough glue to the rest of the nails so they would of blended better.

As you can see, the pinky finger was blended well.

 Once the nails dried completely. I applied the 'N07 polish stay perfect nail colour pigment rich colour in Mojo #230' to the acrylics.

I applied the nail polish onto the nail very thickly because the nail polish was very thin with just one coat. I
know your not supposed to do this but I always do it anyway.

For the end result, I applied some glitter to the tips of the nails just to give it a little sparkle. I did not like it when the nails were too plain with just one colour. I also found it so hard to type on my phone, pick up small objects because I am not used to having nails this long but I suppose I will get used to it. I am kind of scared they might snap off if I use them as a tool.

Do you wear long nails? What are your experiences with them? Have you ever applied nail extensions on yourself?

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