Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Removing Acrylic Nails

Hi Bloggers,

Today I purchased 'Broadway Nails Artificial Nail Remover' from Superdrug. I needed to try out something new because I always dread  removing my acrylics nails by myself. I do not have the patients to soak my nails in acetone nail polish remover in a bowl. I end up using a quarter of my nail polish remover and most of the acrylics are still on my finger nails. This method never seems to work well for me. I always end up with remains of acrylics still stuck to my nails/ I am pulling the acrylic off which leaves my nails in a terrible state. Then I am left hiding my nails in my sleeves away from the world.

If you do have patients like myself and want to try out a quick method. Invest in some 'Broadway Nails Artificial Nail Remover'. It is simple and easy. It gives you some instructions so you cannot go wrong with it and it does exactly what the package says- it removes acrylic nails.


How do you remove your acrylic nails?

How often do you wear acrylic nails?


Fashion Pad said...

I no longer wear acrylic nails but I wish would have had this when I did. My nails were atrocious!

Tanya said...

@Fashion Pad: Yeah, it really is useful when you want to take your acrylic nails off and it doesn't take hours either.

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