Thursday, 11 August 2016

FOTD: My Baby Sister's Birthday

Hey guys,

I am so sorry that this post is so late but this is my make-up look for my little sister's birthday party. I wanted to create a white winter look as her party was during winter.

 I wore this top from Topshop I brought it from the sale for £12. This top was picked out by my Mother. It is perfect to wear during cold temperatures.

I hope you like this make-up look and thank you for visiting my blog!

Blog Haul

Hey bloggers,

It has been a long while since I have done a blog haul. I have been delaying it for so long and I have lost motivation to photograph everything. I finally have time off from work so I am using this time to post about all the things I have brought over the past few months. So get ready because it is a big haul!

Miss Selfridge:
Black ripped knee jeans: £34

In my wardrobe, I only have black plain high waisted jeans and I had to get some black ripped knee jeans.
T-shirt: £12.00

My Mom picked out this t-shirt for me. I think it is a nice basic staple to have in your wardrobe. It will be nice to wear with my black high waisted jeans.

Dress: £25.00

Thanks to my mom, I have been loving clothing that have a lot of thin straps. I think this dress will be perfect for an evening date.

Tropical dress: £28.00

This dress is one of my favourites. My Mom also picked this dress too. At first I was not sure if I liked it-however when I wore it on a beautiful day, I fell in love with it!

Leotard: £18.00

My Mom also chose this leotard for me. She has such good taste in clothes!

Black and white strip crop top: £12.00

Printed trousers: £25.00

Bardot leotard: £25.00

This leotard looks amazing on, especially with my skinny jeans!

Jamie Jeans: £42

Oh my! These jeans are my favourite, they are my first ever owned Topshop jeans and I love them! I cannot wait to wear them all summer long!

Leather Trousers: £18

Polo neck jumper (sale): £10

Skirt: £12 (sale)

I brought this skirt for myself-only because My Mom liked it and that made me want to buy it!

Hand Chain: £12:50

I have always wanted a hand chain. When I saw this one-I just had to buy!

Layered Necklace: £3.50

Dorothy Perkins:
Sunglasses: £10

 I seriously love coloured lens aviators. I had to buy these. I felt like a superstar when I tried them on!

Sunglasses: £5

I brought these for my friend so that me and him can be matching.


Crochet halter: £8.00

This is my favourite buy! I have been wanting one of these tops for the longest time! I will feel like Mariah Carey in this top!

Gladiator sandals: £16.00

I seriously love Primark. Another one of my favourites. These sandals look so good with shorts.

T-shirt: £3.00

I brought this t-shirt at the time because I could relate to what it said!

T-shirt: £3.00

I thought this t-shirt was cool, even though I do not drink coffee.

Sports bra 3.50

Skinny jeans: £8.00

Shorts: £8.00

Oh my, I think these shorts are cute and perfect for a music festival!

Long side spilt top: £8

Tie-dye sun dress: £5.00

My Mother picked this dress for me. It is such a cute buy and perfect for long walks on the beach.

Hair scrunches: £1.00

Make-up sponge: £1.50


Eyebrow pencil: £1.99
Bath salts: 99p


Simple Facial toner: £1.50

Simple Cleansing lotion £3.00

Maybelline Dream satin liquid foundation: £7.99

Body lotion: £1.00

I got this on clearance and forgot how much it cost.

Sleek Makeup Corrector & Concealer Palette: £7.99


Simple face wash: £3.00

I really love this face wash, it has not completely got rid of my spots but it does give my face an overall clear complexion. However, I will not stop searching for the perfect face wash that will prevent my spots from re-appearing!

MAC Instigator lip liner:£12.50


I really cannot remember how much these studs cost but I was in need of some new studs as I had lost my other ones. Sigh :/
 Home Bargains

I forgot the price of this coconut water shampoo but I think it was £1.99


Ted Baker Body spray: £3.00

My Valentines Gift

My Mom brought me this wonderful picture frame which you can write/doodle over any photograph. It is also cute if you want to include a picture of you and your lover and draw tons of hearts over the picture!

My Mother gave me this micellar water as it did not work well with her skin. I cannot wait to try it. I am not sure where she purchased it but you can get it in most beauty stores.

I hope you enjoyed this post. It took me so long to photograph everything but please be aware that some of these items I have listed may have sold out.

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