Thursday, 20 October 2011

Shopping Haul

Hi bloggers,

I have recently changed my url again on my blog. Before it used to be and now it is:
Hopefully this will stop all the confusion and I am sorry if some of my followers cannot find my blog. I hope blogger will sort it out soon.

Also this post is very late as I have not been able to create a new post for a couple of days because my laptop wire has broke so I am still waiting on a new adapter to be sent out. Other than that I have been shopping and wanted to share with you what I had brought.

 Gold sequin bra

I was so happy when I found this sequin gold bra. I have been searching for one since last year. I would see this bra all over the internet but everyone seemed to have purchased their bra from ebay. So when  I saw the last bra on the rack, I jumped up in excitement. Even though I have always wanted a silver sequin bra, I was just glad to find a sequin bra at last and I purchased it for £12.99.

NYX Nude on Nude eyeshadow.

False lashes

Thursday, 6 October 2011

NOTD-Gosh nail polish

Hey lovelies,
I decided to brighten up my nails and remove the grey polish from my nails. I really love this colour. The first coat was much lighter and not as bright as the finished look below.
570 Peachy
Painted on 2 coats.
Purchased from: Superdrug.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Apple to my eye

Top: Sports Direct
Shorts: Asda 

Monday, 3 October 2011

My wanted list: Lace shorts

Hey bloggers,
Lately I have been obsessing over lace shorts. I think they are very cute and stylish to wear under long tops/ skirts. I am having problems finding any that I like in the UK and most stores have seemed to have sold out. If I was going to buy my dream pair, I would most likely buy the 3rd shorts which are the cute layered lace shorts.



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