Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Day 3 in Greece

Hey guys!

After a long night of partying and 1 hours sleep, I fell ill because of lack of rest and too much drinking.

In the afternoon I was looking for breakfast at a restaurant and I brought a chocolate milkshake instead which I regretted afterwards as I do not enjoy drinking too much chocolate-especially in the heat, Yuk!

I also decided to take a cheeky selfie of myself in a bikini.

Afterwards, I did a little bit of browsing in the shops and went back to the hotel to get changed into my other bikini to only realise that the boat party was not today. I was so gutted because I could have had a lie-in. So I went back to the beach again. View the picture below:

After lazying around the beach, we got dolled up and went out to party again but sadly we did not take many pictures .

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.


Ellie Boyce said...

This looks amazing!!


Bárbara Marques said...

How I miss vacation :)

Jointy&Croissanty said...

Such a gorgeous place! It looks that you had a lot of fun!:)


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