Sunday, 31 October 2010

SOTM-Usher has my vote this time!

Song of the Month:Usher-DJ got us falling in love again

Hey, to be honest I am not a fan of Usher but this time I cannot help but love this song. When it came on in the club I just had to dance. 

I selected the video with the song lyrics so you can sing-a-long if you want to.Enjoy the song!

What is your favorite Usher song?


Gabriele said...

Love this song :)

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Anonymous said...

I love this song too! have not gotten tired of it :] makes me wanna dance everytime

Sharon said...

nice song sweetie my fave is In this club lol

Anonymous said...

usher's songs are just so cool!
i love the OMG song, he's pretty popular to in my country.
really hope he'll visit indonesia for a concert soon

Castor Pollux

Donna said...


Ashley [Free Honey] said...

This is such a catchy song! I think my favorite Usher is Burn (old school.)

xoxo, Ashley

Mumbles said...

I like that song
it makes me wanna dance too
hope you had a nice weekend


Tanya said...

@Gabriele: Me too :)

@that BADass seƱorita: Yea it is a tune :D

@Sharon: Oh that is a tune aswell, I wanna make love in this club, in this club lol.

@Castor Pollux: I like the OMG song too.

@Donna ♥ Baby:Me too :D

@Ashley: [Free Honey]: yes it is very catchy, oh I remember that song =D

@Mumbles: yea it is a good song :D Thank you, I did =D

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