Friday, 29 October 2010

Alessandra Ambrosio Never Enough in Vogue October 2010

Model: Alessandra Ambrosio
Stylist: Anna Dello Russo
Hair: Franco Gobbi
Makeup: Jessica Nesdza
Photographer: Giampaolo

Love her incredible style in this photoshoot.


Anonymous said...

wowwww!!! I love this now I got to see if I can buy this copy

Angelys said...

Love this pics!!! The outfits are so vivid.

Sharon said...

these outfits look awesome,I need them lol,thanx for sharing sweetie,great post,tk cre&hav a nice wknd

Carla said...

Lovely pics!

Redhead In Law

Sherin said...

These are gorgeous pictures. The model is so pretty and I love her clothes.

jamie-lee said...

I love this editorial, the last pic is my favourite!

Marina said...

great editorial

Igotloveonmy4head said...

Love her. Wish I had her hair. It's gorgeous.

Nadia Aboulhosn said...

god shes stunning!

Tanya said...

@that BADass señorita:i love it too :)

@Angelys: Thank you and I agree :)

@Sharon: yes they are, I love the last dress.

@Cara: Thank you!

@Sherin: Thank you. Yes she is pretty and her clothes are amazing.

@Jamie-Lee: Your welcome and that is my favorite too.

@Marina: Thank you.

@Igotloveonmy4head: aww

@Nadia: I agree :)

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