Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Rapunzel,Rapunzel: Let down your long hair!

"Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair,
 so that I may climb the golden stair."

The princess who let her hair down so she could be rescued. I am sure everyone remembers this tale. What are your views on long hair? Yay or Nay?

(All images from google)


Anonymous said...

Nice post :)

Angelys said...

At times long is nice, but it can get tiring to maintain... Short is nice too if it compliments the person.


thanks for the comment! I´ve a very long hair, cause it´s curly and it seems shorter than really it´s,but when It´s straight it´s soooooo long! I like a lot long hair.

ROS said...

The second pic is amazing, I eventually want my hair to be a few inches above my waist but that will take at least another year and a half. I may change my mind and keep cutting it, I get bored easily haha

John B. Marine said...

Long hair is beautiful, but it can be tough to maintain. Those who are able to maintain long hair and look stylish all the while get my full respect. My blog post on long hair is still one of my most popular for my own blog. Long hair is totally lovely.

Mai Neng Lee said...

the fashion looks GREAT!!!!!

Sher said...

I love long hair,long extensions&weaves..If I didnt cut my hair it would be past shoulder lenght now..I love that fairytale story

Morgan Jordan said...

Gorgeous photos, darling! Been scrolling through your blog for awhile.


PS I'm following you! :)

Krystal said...

pretty pictures! I'm in love with the purple dress, also :)

WhoopyBeatrizLourenco said...

Thanks for youre comment! This post is very intersting and Pictures are so beautiful!

applecherriemango said...

Love this post,
hope u can check out my blog.


Tanya said...

@Nicole: Thank you :)

@Angelys: I understand, short hair is definetely easier to manage.

@UNA CENICIENTA MODERNA: I love long hair, I bet your hair looks beautiful.

@ROS: Long hair is beautiful but cutting long hair is something people always regret.

@John B.Marine: I agree with you. I wil have to check out your long hair post.

@Mai Neng Lee: :D Thank you!!

@Sher: I love that fairytale too.
@Morgan Jordan: Thank you sweetie, I followed you back. you have a great blog. thank you for reading my blog also :)

@Krystal: Thank you and yes the dress is pretty.

@WhoopyBeatrizLourenco: Thank you sweetie :)

@applecherriemango: Thank you and I checked out your blog sweetie:)

Jia Chan said...

i had a long hair .. two half year i take care about it .. and now my hair long until my waist .. but the colour is black asian .. i wish i had blond hair like rapunzel ;D

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