Thursday, 12 May 2011

Red Lips and 00TD

Hey bloggers,

Here is the post you have all been waiting for. Todays post is going to be on red lips. I love red lips and I had to use 2 lipsticks and a red lipgloss to get a shade that would suit me and wouldn't look too harsh against my skin.
                                #230 Red Fever                                              Strawberry Lip shimmer From Boots(This was a gift and it came in a set
 with 2 other lip glosses).

49 Rouge Passion.Passion Red 535.

The Results
A picture taken after all 3 lip colours have been applied. I was happy with the results because it was not too bright for my face. It was the exact shade I have been searching for.

Outfit Of The Day

Denim Jacket: Moms Wardrobe.
Leotard: Peacocks.
Belt: Next
Harem Pants: Sports Direct.


Unknown said...

I love the harem pants! Great job creating a red lip that works for you :)

Sarah Jane R.

Sharon said...


Unknown said...

Awesome makeup. The red lips looks great on you :)

Tanya said...

@Sarah Jane: Thanks chick.

@Sher: aww thanks babe :D

@EveryDay Makeup blog: Thank you sweetie :)

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