Monday, 27 January 2014

Party with

Hi bloggers,

I went to's after party before Christmas, where he DJ for his fans. It was amazing. He played the best music and I danced all night long. I wish he could DJ at this club again. I took a few pictures whilst I was at the event. You can view the pictures below.

Thank you for reading :)


Marie Young said...

I love! My favorite CD is his "Songs About Girls" I can listen to it without pressing skip! Hope you all had fun!

B. said...

That's really cool! It must have been an awesome party.

Fashion Pad said...

You gals looked like you had a great time! Cute look!

Tanya said...

@Marie Young: that's cool and yes we had fun.

@B.: It was one of the best parties I ever went to.

@Fashion Pad:we did and thank you :)

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