Friday, 3 January 2014

Halloween Make-up

Hi bloggers,

Another late post again. This is my make-up look for Halloween. I had my make-up professionally done by a make-up artist but I told her how I wanted my make-up.

 I was so excited to get my make-up done. I received so many compliments from my friends. They all said I looked beautiful.

Thank you for reading


Couture Carrie said...

So amazing, darling!


Marija Marovic said...

She did a great job with the make up!
Thanks for stopping by! XOXO

The Fashann Monster said...

I love this kind out crazy, outrageous makeup. It's very high fashion & so creative. You're really good at it!

Mary Kapsi said...

great make up!
MaryFashionLove on Bloglovin

xoxo Kellz* said...


My blog here

The Fashion Lookout said...

Wow, Those colours are amazing!

Isa said...

Craaaazyyy what were you for Halloween?

belle + compass

Stella said...

I liked the rhinestones. Nice look!
Stella from a A Shiny Place

Tanya said...

@Couture Carrie: Thank you :)

@Marija Marovic: Thank you, I agree.

@The Fashann Monster: Thanks and no I did not apply this make-up. It was my friend.

@Mary Kapsi: Thank you :)

@xoxo Kellz*: Thank you so much! :)

@The Fashion Lookout: Thank you, I chose the colours.

@Isa: I was not anything for Halloween, I just wanted to focus mainly on my make-up. I believe you can do any style for Halloween, there is no rule to dress up as anything.

@Stella: Thank you, my friend decided to add the rhinestones.

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