Monday, 13 January 2014

Christina Milian Inspired Make-up

Hi bloggers,

(Image source: Tumblr) 

Ever since I was 10, I have always wanted to look like Christina Milian. It begun when she came out with her first hit "am to pm" I thought she was a fun, cool girl and an amazing dancer. I even created a dance routine to am to pm as a kid. I used to wish I looked like her and guess what? I still think she is beautiful.

So here it is. I tried to re-create her make-up look. I think I did a good job and I looked amazing but it is a shame that I did not get a chance to go out with my make-up like this. Anyway enjoy the pictures:

Thank you for reading :)


Karen Law said...

Hi Tanya! I think Christina Milian is gorgeous too! I love your inspired makeup look :)

E said...

Very elegant. the dark shadow looks great on you!

Tanya said...

@Karen Law: Thank you :)

@E: Thank you, maybe I should wear dark shadow more often.

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