Thursday, 24 April 2014

NEW: Baby lips lip balm

Hi bloggers,

After weeks of wanting to purchase this lip balm, I finally gave in and brought it. It was definitely worth the £2.99. It does exactly what it says on the package which it moisturises your lips with a hint of colour.

I love the pink tone it adds to my lips. This is perfect if you do not have time to apply any lippy and it is also good as a base for applying any make-up to your lips.

I would recommend this product to anyone suffering from dry lips as it will bring life back to your lips again and leave you smiling all day.

I rate this product 5/5.

Thank you for reading.


Khensani Mohlatlole said...

I have Pink Punch too! It's the best. It smells so good and it's the first 'tinted' lip balm I've found that actually shows up rather opaque-ish on darker skin.


Tanya said...

@Khensani Mohlatlole: Yeah it is amazing and it does show up well.

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