Thursday, 26 August 2010

Could I be the next Kim Kardashian? FOTD & OOTD

Kim Kardashian Inspired Smokey Eyes
Hey everyone, From what I have gathered from visiting a few people's blogs. I have noticed people admire Kim Kardashian hair, make-up and fashion. I think she always looks good. She wears amazing dresses and her eye make-up is always looking nice.

In the picture above, I love the way Kim has her eye make-up in the photo. It really makes her eyes pop and stand out. I been wanting to do this make-up look for a while and I have now finally got round to it. Here is my attempt.


Achieve This Look

Step one- Apply concealer all over your eyelids as a base for your eyeshadow.
Step Two- Put dark brown eyeshadow on the eyelids and the lower lashline.
Step Three- Next, black eyeshadow must be applied on the eyelids to achieve the black smokey eye look.
Step Four- For the finishing touches, apply white eyeshadow on the eyebrow bone to highlight eyebrows and eyeline your eyes and apply mascara. Add hot pink lipgloss to the lips and pink blusher to the cheeks.

I had fun with applying make-up to achieve Kim Kardashian make-up look.I felt like a glam model for the day. However I got so excited I wanted to do the whole look. I wanted to dress like her. Could I be the next Kim Kardashian? Er..maybe. Do I have what it takes? well let's take a peak.

Here is the beautiful Kim. (Images are from google images). She always wears sexy stylish dresses and looks amazing in them.  I thought it was time I'd have a go at the sexy look and put on a dress to complete the Kim Kardashian look.

Dress: George at ASDA
Shoes-Quiz clothing


Anonymous said...

Kim is one of my favorite trendsetters, I think you dress very similar to her. Her make-up and hair are, on the other hand, very hard to achieve because she has like a thousand stylists working on her.

daisy kate said...

Good take on Kims outfit :)

Fashion Stereotype

Gabriele said...

Love the make-up :)


Maubrey said...

hey my blog has been update, pay your usual visit and as same as before pls dnt forgot to leave your valuable and sweet comments..


Hardcore Makeup Junkie said...

Great celebrity inspired look :) Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog! You're a sweetheart!



Sharon said...

yeah I agree Kim Kardashian is always on point with make up&outfits. Your make up is nice,ur dress is gorgeous like hers...u just look beautiful n gorj darling love that dress on ya !!!!!

Planet Koda said...

Definetly nailed the sexy part with that dress girl (; damnn! lol

augustalolita said...

you look gorgeous!! i love the make up and dress <3

Dhalia said...

Thank you for visiting my site Tanya...I checked you site as well. Keep it up.


CoCoa Assassins said...

gotta luv kardashians...bang

Fashion-rocks said...

@Celebrity Fashion Critic: yes her style is amazing. Thank you, I tried my best :) I agree she has the professionals working on her hair and make-up so it would be hard to achieve it but hey I tried.

@Daisy Kate: Thank you so much :)

@Gabriele: Thanks chick :)

@Maubrey: Ok I will :)

@Hardcore Makeup Junkie: Your welcome :) and thanks

@Sharon: Thank you darling.

@Planet Koda: haha :P lol thank you :)

@augustalolita-awww thank you sweetie :)

@Dhalia:aww thanks chick :)

@CoCoa Assassins- yup :)

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