Friday, 20 August 2010

Day 22- What makes you different from everyone

What Makes Me Different From Everyone Else?

To be honest I am really finding it difficult to put into words how to answer this question. It makes more sense in my head as I am sure everyone thinks of themselves different to everyone else. Everyone is unique and no-one can possibly be like anyone else even if they try to be. You can copy their hairstyle,clothes, make-up but you cannot experience what they experience. You can never be that person. Anyway back on topic, I think it would be much easier if I had someone describe the reasons why they think I am different to everyone else. As I believe people sometimes tend to notice things that you don't notice yourself do/say.      

I feel that I am different to everyone else because I have my own unique style. I like to express myself differently through music and dance and the way I dress. I don't follow the crowd. I tend to go with my own emotions when I am looking for an outfit. When i am listening to music, it can relate to how I am feeling. I been told that I am not good at expressing myself, many times I am misunderstood. I do open my horisions and I am keen to learn about other cultures.  I do like fun, I like a laugh. However as I said people can misinterpret me.


Fruchtigbunt said...

Thank u =) Yes, I don't find him sooo well so I also use the mascara by essence,
Accordingly, I'm use both mascaras.

Jojoluv said...

Nice Make up lady.....Nice Blog....
Follow me and I would do the same....<3

rouli said...

thanx for visitin!

great blog!

keep in touch!


Sharon said...

I guess pple express themselves differently hun,we all unique in our own ways but I think the best thing we can ever do for ourselves is to be ourselves and be judged that way rather than be somethn we aint lol...Nway great post me thinks u r a pretty n lovely abtw ur make up is fierce hun,love love it

Anonymous said...

I really like your photo!
And I totally agree, it's impossible to be exact the same as someone else.
Thanks for the follow!

Phuong said...

Nice picture!!

Steffi said...

thank you :)
nice blog!

Tere said...

hello darling! thanks for your comment! im glad to know you like my blog!

is the first time i visit your blog but not the last one! is fantastic! really good your photoo!

kisses from

nookie said...

agree, everybody is unique;)

libys11 said...

i think you just have to learn how to be comfortable with yourself and everything else wouldn't matter. it's true what they say that you can't please everyone so just do your thing and stay positive! :D

Animated Confessions

Sherin said...

I love your eye make up in the photo!

Serah Alabi ♥ said...

Ur Make up is cool
and ur blog to

xx ur new reader

bubblistyle said...

hi thanks for stopping by my blog! :) you have a great blog and i will definitely come back very soon for more! and feel free to follow me!

Imogen said...

I love your eye makeup. I have been learning to apply eyeshadow and eyeliner in the past few weeks. I'm trying to get a lot of practice in because its something that I really want to become better at.

Anonymous said...

This is a good post... Hmm what makes me different from everyone else? Probably the way I carry myself & the things I say. I embrace being "different"

Fashion-rocks said...

@Fruchtigbunt: oh cool, thank you for leaving a comment on my blog.

@Jojoluv: thank you sweetie :)

@rouli: Your welcome, I will :)

@Sharon:I agree and thank you so much sweetie:)

@Celebrity Fashion:Thank you sweetie and yes it's true.

@Phuong: Thank you :)

@Steffi: Thank you :)

@Tere: Thank you for visiting my blog.

@Nookie:yes everybody is! :)

@ libys11: that is a good point you made. I hope everyone sees it

@Sherin: Thank you, that was when I first started wearing make-up.

@Sereh: Thank you :)

@Bubblistyle:Thank you

@Imogen:You will get better with practice :)

@I'm Alee: Thank you

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