Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Shop at New Look for Skinny Cargo Pants

These pants are really cute. I like the ones in the khaki colour.

Ciara wearing skinny cargo pants. I like the way she wore this outfit.I love these pants worn with heels but those boots look great with the demin cargo pants. Very cute!

What do you think of these trousers? Would you wear them?


Eugenia said...

OOoo I think those are kind of cute for a more casual but cute look!

Moda y un poco más said...

Una propuesta genial!!

Un besote

( said...

very cute pants, thanks for the comment!

Miss Krimson said...

hmmmm i dont know if i would wear these. would have to see them on before knowing Ciara looks great though

Tanvi said...

Love them! :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

I want a pair in every color!! :)

Mumbles said...

I agree
they're so cool
and I love Kate Bosworth outfit, she looks awesome

♥ Marley

Anonymous said...

ayyy very cute I want!

Sharon said...

thanx for sharing the post...very interesting hun...would defo buy&wear Ciara&Jessica Alba's ones

LoliTa said...

great trousers!

Gabriele said...

Simple and very stylish :)

new post on


Fashion Queen said...

I love these pants.

Fashion-rocks said...

Eugenia-I agree. They are really nice and can wear with nearly everything.

Moda y un poco más-gracias welcome. yes they are cute indeed.

Miss Krimson- i understand, i'm sure you would look great in them and yes ciara does look good wearing them.

Tanvi- hey me too!! :)

Cafe Fashionista- that would be nice because I have a feeling they will sell out pretty quick. so get them before they go.

Mumbles- Yea Kate wears it great.

that BADass señorita- i agree, they are very cutee, i want me some too.

Sharon- good choice, those are nice. Jessica albas ones are a nice colour. very cute.

LoliTa- thank you

Gabriele- I agree :)

Fashion Queen-me too :)

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