Monday, 2 August 2010


Nail Of The Day
  • It came in a big bottle and was only £1.47.
  • It is such a beautiful colour, turquoise .
  • I am not pleased with this w7 nail polish as I had to apply 3 coats and it still was not even when I applied it.


LoliTa said...

love this- thanks for finding!

Sarah Jane said...

I love the color of the polish. I tend to have issues like that with some of my nail polishes, so I understand the frustration. Thanks for following my blog!

Sarah Jane

Emilie said...

Love the color!

Schnelle Couture said...

thanks for the comment and thanks for following!

pretty nail color btw.

Fashion Rehab said...

Thats a really cool nail colour :)

KayKay said...

hey thanks for stoppin by my blog! love your sense of style girl!

Katy said...

I like your nail colour!:)

Fashion Butter said...

Great color, but totally know what you mean about the polish needed a lot of coats. Hate when that happens with a great color!

vonnie said...

really beautiful color, I'm all about the greens and blues :)

Fashion-rocks said...

LoliTa- Your welcome, I'm glad you like it.

Sarah Jane- yea it is annoying when you have to paint on so many coats just to get that perfect finished look!

Emilie-Thank you I love it! it's so different to what I usually wear on my nails.

Schnelle Couture-Your welcome :)
and thank you :)

Fashion Rehab- Thank you, I like this colour too

Thanks KayKay

Thank you Katy

Fashion Butter- I'm glad you understand.

Vonnie- yes it is a beautiful colour :)

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