Monday, 23 August 2010

OOTD & Almost 80 Followers

Hey everyone, I would just like to say thank you to everyone for leaving comments and joining my blog. This is so great ,it makes me happy to read these comments and  wow I have almost 80 followers. Thank you everyone for joining. I will try my best to keep posting things that will interest you.

August is nearly over and I will have to go back to studying soon and I will not have much time to blog anymore :( I will miss blogging. Lately I have not had time to work on my upcoming post so I thought I would post a 'outfit of the day' which should have been posted 2 years ago. I completely forgot about it, that is why I have only posted it now.
Leather Jacket-Next
Shirt-Mom's old shirt
Belt-New Look
Heels-New Look

Here below are close-up pictures of my make-up. I was 17 in these pictures.
 It is so weird looking back at my old photo's and seeing how I applied my make-up different to how I do now.


Sharon said...

hey babe...u look absolutely beautiful n love ur outfit&bright lips lol

Anonymous said...

gorgeous :D

Princess Feef said...

love the white shirt and the dark jeans ,, =D

Lulu said...

Cute outfit, I love that belt!

Keirasluckycharm said...

Love your outfit!

Janelle said...

hey, thanks for commenting on my blog :) anyway, i enjoyed your blog and cute outfit. hope you liked my blog as well and dont forget to follow if you haven't yet! talk to you soon, hun! - Janelle

Fashion-rocks said...

Sharon-aww thank you :)

that BADass seƱorita- Thank you :)

Princess Feef-thank you :)

Lulu- aww thank you :)

Keirasluckycharm- thanks :)

Janelle-Thank you chick, I will follow you now

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