Monday, 2 August 2010

Review: Vaseline Healthy Hand & Nail Conditioning

Vaseline healthy hand and nail conditioning is made to keep the moist in hands and nails. It is created to soften hands and strengthen nails.

I would recommend this product to anyone who suffers from dry skin on hands or peeling nails. It does mosturise hands and nails and prevents my nails from chipping/peeling. I would use this product again as the results came out great and my nails are beginning to look more healthy. It must be used after your hands come in contact with water as it moisturizes both your hands and nails.

  • The cream is scented.
  • Easy to apply and smooth in well.
  • Moisturises nails and hands.
  • Prevents dry nails.
  • Cheaper in B&M (79p)
  • Comes in a small tube.
  • Expensive in Nisa-(£2.)

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