Saturday, 30 June 2012

NEW: Nude Boots

Hey bloggers,

I wanted to share with you my new, laced up nude boots. I cannot wait to wear these babies. They make me look really tall. I do not think I can walk in these heels but I will practice by wearing them around in my house. Hopefully I will do a OOTD with them soon so keep checking back for an OOTD.


Thank you for reading :)


Plami said...

OMG these are to die for! <3


Oh to Be a Muse said...

Nice price and I love the look of them.

Sarah Jane said...

These boots are so cute! I love a nude bootie for Spring/Summer :)

Tanya said...

@Plami: I agree :) Thank you :)

@Oh to Be a Muse: Those were the cheapest pair I could find and thank you.

@Sarah Jane: I agree, they are so perfect for the spring and summer.

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