Friday, 22 December 2017

Update On Me- Where Have I Been?

Hi bloggers,

It has been a long while since I have updated my blog. Do not worry, I have not forgotten about you all. I have just been mega busy with social media (youtube), work and socialising- that even the thought of playing catch up with all my blog posts just felt too overwhelming!

I would have to capture all the photos of everything I brought, add in extra detail about each item, blog about each day of my holiday. I would spend most of time thinking about doing it all but I never found the right time in my schedule to do it as I am very unorganised.

Now that it is coming up to Christmas, I have found a super quick way for me to blog about everything from mid 2017 up until now - before Christmas day. I will summarise all my posts, I will not be adding in extra information in my hauls such as the prices and my thoughts on each item. The posts will be brief and it will mostly contain photographs.

I hope you all will enjoy my upcoming summary posts and I look forward to being on top of my game in terms of regular posts in 2018.

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