Monday, 1 April 2013

Leather sleeves trench coat

Hi bloggers,

After seeing Lucy on Eastenders with a trench leather coat...I wanted one! I went into town and I did not leave town until I had a leather sleeve trench coat.

Lucy from Eastenders.

I went into Primark and they never had my size. I was so upset because I fell in love with Primark's leather sleeved coat. It even had a hood which made me want the coat even more because I would be able to wear it when it is raining and of course, it will protect my hair from getting wet. Also Primark coats were cheap and they were only £25. 

So sadly, I went into another 500 shops, trying to find a leather sleeved coat. Once my mind is stuck on something...I have to have it! I really wanted to wear it the next day. I went into River Island...the coat was so expensive :o. It was over £100...I was not spending that much. So I went into New Look and I didn't really like their version of the coat.

In the end I went into Quiz and I found the trench coat on sale for £19.99. This was the cheapest one I found and it had my size... I had to buy it! :D

I absolutely love this jacket. It is so stylish and I feel so chic wearing it. I cannot wait to wear it in spring too!

Price: £19.99
Coat: Quiz

What do you think of my new jacket?

Thank you for reading


Marla said...

Love the trenches with leather sleeves!! I want one!!!

Now following you on bloglovin - hope you will follow back if you like my blog!

xx Marla

Couture Carrie said...

Fabulous coat, darling ~ love it!



Liking that jacket! Love the leather sleeves! :)

major said...

LOVE the Jacket!!! I have a tan one fro W118 Walter baker with Tan sleeves. I just need it to rain here so i can wear it lol.

Thank you for your comment.


Tanya said...

@Marla: I love them too and you should get one!

@Couture Carrie: Thank you hun.

@MY REPUBLIC OF FASHION: Thank you, I love the leather sleeves too.

@major: I'd love to see your jacket.

Simply Me said...




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