Friday, 3 October 2014

Day 1: My Style Icon

(All images above are from google images)

Hi Bloggers,

If you did not know before, now you know it...Vanessa Hudgens is my style icon. I adore her boho chic style. I just love how she wears these cool outfits with confidence. This look suits her very well and she is really pretty.

However, her style is not something that I would copy. I just admire it from a far. So dressing like my style icon was very difficult. It was a challenge to find something in my wardrobe that Vanessa would wear. I looked through millions of her pictures on google to get some inspiration and also to match what I have in my wardrobe.

Once I found my outfit, the dressing up part was fun. It felt like I was doing fancy dress. I should try and re-create celebrity outfits more often. I think I enjoyed this task, mainly because I could not buy anything new, I had to work with what I had in my closet.

The look that I chose to re-create was the black maxi dress paired with a leather jacket. I personally would not put these two items together but it worked. I really liked this look and I felt really pretty in this outfit. So thank you Vanessa for your great style.

(Image Source: MyDaily)

(Image Source: Google Images)

The above looks is what I was inspired to re-create. Jackets paired with maxi dresses are such a cute look. View the pictures below to see my version of a Vanessa Hudgens' inspired look.

I also took some pictures of my make-up. I love dark smokey eyes. I used a tint of purple which I have never done before. You can view a close up of my make-up below.


Fashion Pad said...

You look great!!! Love the dress and the heels. The jacket was a fab addition as well.

Karen Law said...

I didn't know Vanessa Hudgens was your style icon. I like how effortless and unique her outfits are as well :) And I love the outfit you pulled together - I can see how your maxi dress and cropped jacket were inspired by Vanessa :)

Eye See Euphoria said...

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Tanya said...

@Fashion Pad: Thank you. I wouldn't have thought of adding a jacket to this outfit but thanks to Vanessa, it worked!

@Karen Law:Thank you, I'm glad you could see the inspiration of my outfit and I adore her style, it's so unique!

@Eye See Euphoria: Thank you :)

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