Monday, 27 October 2014

Black Nails for Fall

Hi bloggers,

For fall, I wanted to go even darker with my nails. I decided to paint my nails black with Barry M.

Superdrug: £2.99

3 coats.

This polish is very thin and I had to put a lot of polish on my brush to give my nails an even coat. I like Barry M polishes but I will never buy a black polish from Barry M again because of the poor quality.


Uzo O said...

I was looking around to see what colour of nail polish i should use this week , and you have just inspired me . The black looks really nice. I'm going to try it. Lovely nails you have there.

Victoria Eales said...

I love Barry M colours but blacks always seem so hard to work with and I don't have the patience for multiple applications!


Tanya said...

@Uzo O: I am happy that I have inspired you. I would love to see your manicure and thank you :)

@Victoria Eales: yeah it is time consuming. I will never buy their black polish again!

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