Saturday, 22 November 2014

Haul Part 2

Hi bloggers,

Here is the second part of my haul. As I stated in my previous post, I have had to separate my haul into categories as I have too many items to take pictures of. My next haul will be showing my new work clothes.

Everyone take a look at these booties. They are a beauty. I brought these mainly for work but I will surely wear them out on a nice outing. They have fur at the top but you can also unroll them so you do not see the fur.
Sports Direct Kangol Boots: £24.99

This is how they look unrolled but I prefer them with the fur at the top.

I needed a new pair of socks and I thought these frilly socks were cute. They take me back to my childhood. There is 3 in a pack. Maybe I can wear these socks in the spring with some boots. 
Primark socks: £2.00

Every time I buy rings from H&M, I never buy the right size. When I try them on with the fits but I take the tag off, the ring is far too small. On this occasion, the rings were too big so I will have to wear them on my thumb. I will not be buying rings from H&M again because I always make the same mistake.
H&M rings: £3.99
The other rings below are not from H&M.


M said...

great boots!
hope you can enter my giveaway! check it out!

Tanya said...

@M: Thank you! :)

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