Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Hug me, I'm a Teddy Bear

Hi Bloggers,

Check out my new coat for the winter. I totally love it. My mother brought me this coat. I wanted it in black or white but my mother chose pastel pink. I am glad she did because this is a fun colour to work with!
|ASDA: £25|

This coat is really soft like a teddy bear but can I say, this coat really does keep me warm. On the downside, I cannot wear it indoors because of the thickness of the coat. I hope this coat does keep me warm during winter when the temperature drops. Scroll down to see me wearing this coat:

The coat looks rather pink in this photo but in natural light it is a light pastel pink colour. I cannot wait to style this coat and wear it with many different colours. I sure will look colourful this winter.
What do you think of my new coat?


Ivana Split said...

what an adorable pink coat:) looks so cozy!

Tanya said...

@Ivana Split: aww Thank you so much! :)

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