Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Day 7: Layered Jewelry

Hi bloggers,

I am sorry for neglecting my blog. Sometimes it can be hard to find time to blog when you are so busy. I also have an upcoming haul post which will be up once I take pictures of everything.

For this challenge, I chose to wear gold jewellery because I am loving gold jewellery lately. I also kept my outfit simple so that there would be more focus on my jewellery. View the pictures below:


Samantha Elisabeth said...

LOVE statement jewelry!! These look gorgeous. And I know how you feel! It's hard to blog when life gets busy!

Carmen B. said...

Really nice jewellery :)

Tanya said...

@Samantha Elisabeth: Thank you :) and yes it is hard to blog when you have a busy lifestyle.

@Carmen B.:Thank you :)

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