Saturday, 21 June 2014

Reflection: I have grown as a person

Hi bloggers,

I decided to post about something different. I wanted to do a post where I could share my self-reflection on how much I have grown as a person. Everyone changes. People want to achieve different goals in life as they grow. People grow out of love. And meanwhile, whilst this is happening, everyone is meeting new people and learning more about themselves, which is great.

The main reason why I have done this post as I wanted to see how much I have changed since I was a teenager.

I stumbled upon one of my old posts which I posted 4 years ago and it had 15 interesting facts about myself. When I read them, I realised how much I had changed as a person. Since I have met many different people, changed my group of friends, changed my hobbies and gained different life experiences. You can view the old post below and you will also view my 15 interesting facts in 2014.

Click the image to view the post (2010 post)

1). I still love dance but I have changed my career so I am not as passionate for dance as I used to be.
2).I used to enjoy reading quotes as I felt it helped me to understand how I am feeling. I still struggle to understand how I am feeling sometimes but I do not read quotes any more, unless I stumble upon them on the internet.
3).I like watching movies but I feel as though I need to make more time to watch more movies. It helps me to relax and take my mind off life.
4).My obsession for clothes has finally stopped. I do not buy much clothes as I used to, unless I need really need to buy something new.

Overall, I feel there are some things I could make more time for but most of my facts have not changed at all. So I feel as though I am the same person but I have matured a lot.

 Read below for my interesting facts in 2014


15 Interesting Facts About Myself

1. I love going on summer holidays.
2. I am very sensitive and it is easy for people to hurt my feelings.
3. I get very attached to people easy and find it hard to say goodbye to people.
4. I cannot handle stress well.
5. I love meeting new people.
6. I love learning languages.
7. I like learning about different cultures.
8. I love day out trips with my family.
9. I love seeing others happy, it makes me happy.
10. I enjoy helping people out.
11. I love the feeling of being in love.
12. I love learning new things from others.
13. I prefer to be busy than having too much free time.
14. I love dancing and laughing a lot.
15. I am learning to not care about what people think of me.

I want to continue enjoying my life and I want to keep on appreciating what I have around me. I  also want to keep making myself and others happy.
Thank you for reading :)


Selvaggia Capizzi said...

It seems that you had a very intense year!
Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

Couture Carrie said...

Thanks for sharing, gorgeous!


Tanya said...

@francesca romana capizzi: I really did.

@Couture Carrie: your welcome.

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