Friday, 20 June 2014

New: Primark haul-Brazil Items

Hey bloggers,

I have done it again, went shopping and spent my money in a clothes shop. I am not a fan of buying clothes from Primark as the clothes usually shrink after its first wash but I could not resist when I saw these items with the Brazil flag on, especially the Brazilian shorts.

As a child, I had always supported Brazil and I loved wearing the Brazil top whenever the world cup was on.

Unfortunately this year, I cannot make it to Rio so I will bring Rio to me by wearing these items. I really enjoy watching the world cup and I wonder who will win this year.

I feel that this bag will be handy when I am on the beach and need to carry sun lotion, sandals and all the other beach essentials.

 I have always wanted a bikini that had a flag on, weather it had USA, Jamaica or any other country flag on. So when I saw this bikini, I had to buy it. The only problem was once I got home and saw the bikini in the natural light, I felt that the colours looked dull and washed out but, hey I cannot complain as I did buy it from Primark.

These shorts are my favourite, I love wearing shorts like these as they resemble female running shorts. They are cute and perfect for the summer. Lets hope that they do not get destroyed after going in the washing machine.

Thank you for reading and I hope you are enjoying the world cup :)

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