Sunday, 21 November 2010

New wedge ankle boots

Hey guys, I have always wanted these wedge ankle boots  for months but never got round to buying them. Anyway today, I was browsing nearly every shop online and could not find them. Size 4's and 5's were sold out in H&M and the only shop that had them were quiz. Check out their site

They sell out pretty quick and I quickly rushed out to town to buy them! This was my only last chance!

Price: £29.99
Where? at Quiz


Anonymous said...

Oooh gorgeous i love these boots!

Krystal said...

those are so cute and a good price!

margarita ts said...

amazing boots!

Sher said...

gorgeous,I love them cant wait to see ur OOTD with these sweetie

Fashion Cents said...


Marina said...

wow so cute!!!

xx marina

Women Leather Blazers said...

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oomph. said...

great wedges. i have a new love for wedges, and they are surprisngly comfortable!

Matt said...

What a great find! Those are super cute! :)

Suz said...

they're very nice!

Style_Me_BAD said...

I have been dying for a pair of wedge ankle boots! Super cute find!

VeRo! said...

these shoes are great!!!!!


Tanya said...

@Nicole: thank you darlin :)

@Krystal:thanks chic!I agree.

@margarita ts:thank you hunny! :)

@Sher:Thanks babe, I'm looking forward to doing an OOTD with them too, I'll wait till the weather gets abit warmer!

@Fashion Cents: Thank you

@Women Leather Blazers: Thank you chick

@Oomph: I know, they are wonderful, I want the leopard print wedges next!

@Matt: Thank you, I wanted them for ages!

@Suz: Thank you!

@Style_Me_BAD: Aww thank you, I hope you find some! :)

@VeRo:Thank you so much!:D

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