Friday, 12 November 2010

New blogger link

Hey bloggers!
I want to apologise for blocking my blog earlier today. I was changing a few things, such as the url. Sorry again to those who visited and discovered it was blocked, I hope you come back again :)

I decided to change my blogger url to the "renaissance-of-inner-fashion". The rebirth of inner fashion. I feel that the new and upcoming people should be able to get in touch with their inner fashion and express their selves the way they want to and not listen to media telling them how to look and dress. Also look out for my new layout and banner soon.


LouLou said...

thank you for ur comment. (:
i love the dress. i guess it's from chanel.. but i'm not sure at all. however, it's breathtaking.
greetings from germany!

Tanya said...

@LouLou: thank you :)

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