Friday, 30 July 2010

I tend to wear a lot of black

I started off with owning bright coloured clothing and now when I look in my wardrobe I noticed that black is starting to take over as I have many black tops, leotards, leggings and shoes. I can't complain as black goes with anything but the only problem is, it does not make you stand out. Instead it reflects on my mood- sad or depressed. I hide behind the colour as it makes me look thin.
How do you feel about the colour black? do you tend to wear it a lot too? I am sure everyone will have different opinions on black clothing. Maybe it will make others feel more comfortable and confident or maybe you are the opposite and hide yourself behind black clothing.

I have always been interested in finding out how colour affects personality and mood, so I did some research on the internet. I gathered some interesting information from some sites which are referenced below so you can research further on the colours you are interested in.

Red- From experience, I believe red draws a lot of attention. I would not recommend anyone to wear this colour if they lack self confidence but do wear if you want to show you are a confident person.

Pink- Pink is known as a "girly colour". It is also a very calming colour and ideal for a date.

Orange- Orange is quite similar to red as it is bright and draws attention. It is a colour full of energy but if you can pull it off, you will feel confident wearing this fun, bright colour.

Yellow- Just like the sun, this colour brings you happiness and a smile to your face. So this is perfect to wear on a bad day to cheer you up.

Green- The earthy colour green, makes you feel calm and is perfect to wear if you want to feel relaxed.

Blue- Blue is a peaceful calming colour but is not the ideal colour to wear if you are sad.

Purple- Purple is a colour that makes you stand out, so stay away from his colour if you want to blend in with everyone.

I am interesting in hearing about your opinions, do the colour clothes you wear affect your mood?

Do you wear colours to reflect your mood? and what colours do you stay away from?

Take a look at the colours you wear and see if it affects your mood.

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