Monday, 19 July 2010

Day 02- The meaning behind your Blogger name


Ok my blogger name must sound really random but it is actually divided by 2 nicknames. The name Fashion-rocks was taken from my polyvore username but I did not want my blog to be just called 'fashion-rocks' as I don't just blog about fashion! I wanted to add something a bit more personal which was 'I dream to model'. Modeling has always been a dream but it is not something I would chase as it is a very hard business to get into. Many people I know personally, always tell me that I should do modeling after they see my pictures online.

It is something I would enjoy doing as a career. I would like getting my hair and make-up done and wearing fun outfits. I suppose I should treat myself to a makeover for a day and have a photoshoot done, sure would be fun and something I could treasure and look back on when I grow old!


Irene said...

you know,that's good stuff! i enjoyed reading it!
i'm your new follower :)
please,follow me
if you'd like!

Fashion-rocks said...

hey thanks for visiting my blog and following me,
I followed you now :) great blog!

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