Saturday, 19 November 2011

Pink Day

Hello everyone,
Today I decided to wear a lot of pink today. Make-up, nails and my watch was pink. Every time I think of pink, I think of Barbie. It is a lovely colour and very girly. I think I should wear it more often!

The polish below you might recognise from my other post. Click here to read it. I would not recommend this polish to anyone. Although I love colour, the polish itself is very thin and I had to apply with lots of polish on the brush as the polish was thin like water. In the end I painted my nails 3 coats and I was still not pleased with results.

George,quick dry nail varnish, groove 31.

3 coats of polish.

Pink and Brown Eye Make-up

 Eyes: Catwalk Cosmetics.
Colours used: Pink, brown and white.

The overall look.

Pink Watch

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