Tuesday, 15 November 2011

New items

Hello bloggers, 

Today I went make-up shopping. I was so excited because I love shopping for make-up. I just want to buy all the make-up in the shops. 'A girl can never have too much make-up'. 

I mainly needed to buy an eyeliner because my liquid liner had ran out. Instead I came across an eyeliner which is just like a felt tip pen. Very easy to use and apply. I wish I brought 3 packs of this liner. I also brought a pink glitter lipgloss just because I liked the look of it. I did not really need it but I thought it was eye catching so I brought it. I have not tried it on yet so I do not know how it will look or feel on my lips but once I do try it on I will do a review. 

Lastly I brought some pink polish. Everyone needs a bit of pink in their life. I have not painted my nails with this polish yet so I cannot give a review as yet. Picture of the items is below.

Now that winter is coming up, I need a new hat. I treated myself to a pom wooly hat. I think these hats are really cute and I love the colour of it. It is slightly darker in person. The only annoying thing about hats is, you have to wear your hair down when wearing them and I prefer to wear my hair up and in a bun but I cannot wait to wear this hat. I will take pictures when I do wear it.
New look, £5.00.

Thank you for reading :)

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